OSHRC Hunting Retriever Club

Volunteer for OSHRC


We need help with our events and hunt tests. If you would like to be part of our events please sign up on our volunteer list.

    Contact an Officer or Board Member

    Ben Bice:  biceben@gmail.com

    Bill Bouthillier: wjbouthillier@hotmail.com

    Alvin Rains: al@barrowbodyshop.com

    Marcus Bice (Immediate Past President): mhbice@aol.com

    Turner Moshell: wtmoshell@yahoo.com

    Jerry Tarlton: jerrytarlton@bellsouth.net

    Montana Bahry: montanabahry@gmail.com

    Renee Archer – President:  alicerenee62@gmail.com

    Scot Norman – Vice President:  scot.norman64@gmail.com

    Mike Greer – Treasurer:  mikedgreer@gmail.com

    Mary Mitchell – Club & Hunt Test Secretary:  maryatoldsouth@gmail.com

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